Getting Started

1) What is the signup procedure?

A new user can sign up using the link
Here you need to fill in your name, and business email, choose your password and click Signup.
Upon entering the details, you will receive an activation email. It will further take you to fill in your domain and organization details to set up the account.

2) to change your profile?

After logging in, you can change your profile details by clicking on the upper right side of the Dashboard.
You can set your profile picture and edit your username on the profile page. Also, you can change your password here.

3) What are all the components of the Dashboard?

As soon as logging into SkillRobo, you will see the Dashboard. It has the top candidates, Most Active Tests, Overall Test Analysis, and Overall Candidate Analysis.

  • Top candidates show the list of candidates who have secured top scores in an assessment.
  • Most Active Tests is a panel that shows the most recent tests which were active and displays the name of the test, the number of candidates invited, the percentage of passes, fails, and yet to take the test.
  • Overall Test Analysis shows a graphical representation of the tests conducted in a period of time. The number of invites sent and the number of candidates who have completed the test on any particular date will be graphically shown.
  • Overall Candidate Analysis is generally a pie chart for easy understanding of the assessment performance.

4) How do I access the Menu?

To access the Menu, hover over the left side where you can see Dashboard, My Tests, Skill Library and Test Library.

5) What is the email creation setting in the profile section?

The email setting option has been created for having secured access to your profiles. You can have a google generated password which is unique to each account. Upon providing the email address,
Click account -> security -> App passwords -> select app -> click custom and type SkillRobo -> click generate.
A unique 16 – character password will be generated which can further be used for future login purposes.
You can also click on the “click here” in your profile section under email settings.
This feature is given to provide extra security for your account.