What do you mean by the candidates in SkillRobo?

In Skillrobo, we have three defined components such as tests, skills, and candidates. The term “Candidates” are the individuals you are evaluating in an assessment.

What is Test Invitation Email?

A test invitation email is a message sent to prospective candidates inviting them to participate in an assessment as part of a job application or screening process.

The test invitation email usually provides details such as the type, purpose, and duration of the test, the platform where the test will be conducted, and any preparations required for the test. It may also include a link or attachment with the test or additional instructions on how to access the test.

The primary purpose of this email is to notify candidates of the next steps in the hiring process and ensure they have the information necessary to complete the assessment.

  • This Test invitation email option is in the “Candidates” Category. There you can click on the “Invite Candidate” option. On that page, you can select the test name which you want the candidate to take. Add candidate’s emails.